Bentong Life = YamCha Everyday!

Wow, so fast Sunday liao!
So sad i need to head back to room in KL soon!

But talking about back in home, is feel soooo…. good!
I got brother to share happiness with,
I got Piano to share my feeling with,
I got my parents to tell story with,
I got my PC to download things with,
I got my bed to sleep with,
I got my friends to yamcha with!

Yo! Talking about yam cha… Hehe…
So active yamchaing every night in bentong.
Friday night I went yam cha-ed with our physics gang with Mr Ooi also! So mr ooi tell us stories and we share our “Uni” experience and working for ah lek! Damn happy chatting with them!

Then half way meet Mei Hwei went eat there also with parents, so i go chat chat chat with Mei Hwei for a while! Meet a numbers of “long time no see” friend included mr ooi!

Then Saturday lagi best! Jia En’s farewell. We got Yu Xuan there too (But only for a while)
**I Guess Yu Xuan just went there just to get her bday present from me only, cos she stay only for less than half an hour… ** 😛
And we chat chat chat with Jia En, who are going to Cheras and back become a Lou Si (**Mouse!?!**) No lah, teacher… hehe
And also Yu Xuan. All the lower6 gang come so late de… with all sorts of reason they are giving…
But something like very normal liao. We said 7.30, they reached 8.30, cos they mistaken the time as 8pm.
30 minutes grace period is… very normal for malaysian!
Then they big gang come chat chat chat…
Then my gang come also.

I “date with” Sin Yen, Andre and Shan. at the same place also.
Ended up i drinked 2 cup of big big cup jus…
No wonder today morning go and pee so many times lah…
Gavin not manage to get back to bentong in time while shel went to KL…
Too bad.
So a gang of 4 chat chat chat about everything….
We talked about *condom* thing summo… Giler!

Yam Cha life is very good, and time passes very fast when we are yamcha-ing.
I leave my house @ 7.30, then go back before 12…
Quite a long period we were sitting there at Dapur Kita… (the shop’s name, not to mean our house de kitchen)

So best and memorable can chat with friends, of cos also with family!
I can tell everything in my school life to them when im back, cos its impossible to tell the whole long long grandmother story via phone, that will cost like hell!

Anyway, next weekend i will be back again since Siew Haw’s gang from UUM and i think most of the public Uni are having holiday!
So we will be going out yam cha kuat kuat again!

So, later need to go out liao. So sad, i miss my piano and my bed the most…
And i leave my PSP @ home this time since i also have not much time to play compared to my brother who play play play everyday until get scolded by mum de!

Thanks also for sin yen who are going to drive me to KL cos i didnt manage to get the bus ticket!
Love my family and friends, for Jia En, all the best, and Yu Xuan, i already wish u happy bday for too many times.
For others friends i just met yemming cha, When will be the next time? (Next week OK?)
For the UUM Friends, im waiting for the next weekend to come… Really!
For others friends who not able to meet, i miss u all so much also… gimmi a sms of call or comment if u miss me too! Hehe
For myself, i need to study harder! Hehe.

So bye bye my sweet weekend!
Tomorrow will be monday blues.. Hope wont get that blue tomorrow lah!


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  1. azraai la August 20, 2009 at 10:29 am #

    woih jo! haha u still remember me o not?
    weyh i’llbe back this kita go yam-cha la! haha

    my number 0134617330. anything gimme a call or sms ok.
    miss u so much,. .

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