Bandwidth Fever

Today morning, i recieved an email generated by direct admin telling me that my bandwidth had used up until 80%!
I get shocked you know!
My hosting package is 100gb bandwidth, how can a blog with only about 60 visitors per day take up so much bandwidth, until 15gb per day! That must be something wrong… My blog being HACKED?


See the graph from the analysis show something abnormal! I must checked it out!

Then i discover this:
Haiz… that a song i uploaded to my hosting just for my readers to download it… for testing purposes. And thats impossible to get so many people download it at these few days, there must be site which copy the url then hooked up my bandwidth.

Then i find my Sifu to help me, Google.
And discover this:

Oh, somebody post it on Baidu!
OMG! But they all download it only, they didnt visit my blog…. so there are no increase in my readers count… too bad =.=

So i decided to delete it!

Then after 1 second, im getting this:
All of them landed on the not found page of my blog FROM the mp3 url… Haiz…

No wonder…
So now i can go to church now!



2 Responses to Bandwidth Fever

  1. banji June 29, 2008 at 4:07 pm #

    if only you configure your 404 page to highlight your best post 🙂 maybe you can get new loyal visitors

    Anyway, luckily you detected it early. Cheers

  2. admin June 29, 2008 at 4:23 pm #

    Good Idea! Got time i will do so!

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