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This week got new movie out in cinema, but its a local movie, IMDB didnt provide enough info for me, where should i go?
Well,if you havent know, we have our very own “IMDB” in Malaysia, Cinema Online.
Im impressed on what you can get from Cinema Online, they provide you everything from local showtime, Ticketing, News, movie reviews, latest movie trailers,a forum and they also run some contests on their site!

Noticed that many of their contest do run or annouce on their facebook page, so make sure you “Like” their page and keep an eye on the page for new promo and contest, many free tickets are given out every week 😀

Speaking of free movie tickets, Hahah ( runs a campaign on a
weekly basis with Cinema Online to give away movie tickets. Do check them out!


p/s: OMG Cant believe tomorrow is march ady…. so… i hope i will do something productive over the next month lah! (And reminding myself about my course assignment)

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