All The Best SPM/STPM Candidates!

Hey guys, this is a post for ALL SPM/STPM 2009 Candidates.
Exam is starting soon (Wed)… then you guys will start to have a long long long holiday after that.
So, I believe you all are well prepared and just waiting for the questions to reveal isnt it? Haha
All the best to your exam.

All the best to Helen which will take STPM this year again…
All the best to Xiao En, and Hui Yi *Church Gang* in your STPM
All the best to Sulaiman Upper 6 gang
All the best to Seng Huey, Mu Rong Xiong Feng, Angel *Church gang* in your SPM
All the best to Sulaiman Form 5 Gang, which…. hmmmm…. i dont know them that much. XD

All the best to all of them who are reading my blog (
I hope you guys will pass your exam with flying colours.

If you have time, DO share whats your feeling before/during/after the exam…
And whats your plan next.
Leave your comment in the comment section below…

Enjoy your exam, enjoy MORE AFTER your exam! Haha
I got my exam coming soon too! Hehe.
Lets Gambateh lah!


2 Responses to All The Best SPM/STPM Candidates!

  1. plouffle November 22, 2009 at 11:34 pm #

    walao,why don;t hae ist aper here?

  2. max November 26, 2009 at 1:08 pm #

    STPM is easy……makan kacang

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