Action and Reaction Force

UPDATE: Seriously, i had deleted all my PSP games in my memory card. Then i think i can concentrate more on my studies… Hahahahahahahaha

So, im studying physics now… seriously, i personally feel that studying physics is much more easier than chemistry.
But when come to real exam, i feel that chemistry’s question is easier to answer (But i didnt say i answer it correctly…)

So, whats about Action and Reaction Force?

Everyone do everything, must have a Action and Reaction Force.
Like you slap another’s face, your hand will feel painful as well.

So, the story is like this:

  • When i take STPM, i get a PSP for free… Good or bad… i dunno.
  • When we all exam, i start my edu blog! And this is the time i earn from my blog… hm… quite a lot for me lah. (But now the site is down… quite a wise choise and i save some time by doing so. and can “concentrate” more on my exam)
  • When i want to concentrate on my exam, LocoRoco2 and DJMax start and kacau me… 
  • When i decided to study harder, i wanted to sleep or feel sleepy all the time…
  • When i want to stop playing with my computer, i bought a 4 months Rapidshare Premium account… So can keep me on my pc 24-7… even during exam period.
  • When im playing computer all the time, my mother scold me (Good lah, since i dont know how to control myself, let my mum control me!)
  • When i didnt study well, i cant answer well in my exam… (of cos lah…u tot u are sitting for kidnergarden exam at age of 19 meh?) 

or some of you all might have experience that, when they want to study, TV start to show a pretty interesting HK Drama…

So, i would like to know is there anything which didnt obey this law… Hm…
I hope will be i cant answer well in my exam, but i get a pretty good result in STPM… hehe 😆  

I hate this reaction force lah. Hope my exam can finish soon. then can start with my super holiday plan as stated in my last post

Good luck to all.
Have a nice day.


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