A Trip To Batavia

A Trip To Batavia

On last friday (31/7/09), I went to Batavia aka Jakarta for now, indonesia.
No lah, should say, last friday, I went for a musical drama, named Batavia.
Its organized by the APIIT students more specifically, the Indonesian students.

Actually what brought me to the show?
They said it is Musical Drama, so i thought that will be pretty interesting! But after watching the show, its not really a musical, strictly speaking, its not a musical at all. Its just a drama, or theater.
But i didnt regret i went to the show.
1stly, the show was well done overall, except some minor problem which need to be improved, but no one can be perfect right!
2ndly, RM15 for this show was absolutely very cheap!
3rdly, im able to watch something that i can rarely get it from the other places or events, thats some traditional dance of Indonesian…

Totally worth it that RM15 for the ticket.

Well, here are some thought after watching the show. All is my personal opinion only. Hehe
As i mentioned above, the show was very good, and well done.
The venue was a very nice place, at Panggung Bandaraya. The environment was totally fits for this kind of theater.

But i get confused about the bus service provided. (Dunno, most probably is my problem)
At 1st, i asked the counter when i bought the ticket, they said the bus will be at Vista (the place where im staying currently) at 7pm!
But on friday, i called the person incharge to confirm, they said the bus will be at APIIT instead of Vista!
So, i went to APIIT to wait for the bus, but at 7, the bus to go to the show is not there yet, i asked the student service counter, they say there wont be any bus to the theater afterward. =.=
I dunno what to do, so i called up another person in charge to ask how to go there by public transport.
Then i take LRT to reach there. Anyway, no big deal since the place is quite easy to find with instruction given.
Hope next time when they do it, they written the bus service schedule somewhere at the boucher or a notice etc, to avoid kes like me, asking different people getting different answer… swt

There are several dance between the drama. Actually they were the parts i enjoyed the most.
Cos they were… very interesting and beautiful!
The drama, erm, they shouldnt had put the word musical there since none of the actor sang a line of song from the start to the end of the show.
So i dont consider it musical.
They were several funny part of the show, some are they make it funny, some are dunno why my brain told me thats funny. LOL
The actors were very good, they all were pretty good in acting! Maybe can become actors somedays! Who knows!?
The dialog and story itself some parts were funny,
but some part of the show its like the “endless eight” of the anime “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu”
it keep repeating itself until im bored, totally bored. Those parts i do think if they make it shorter and more simple, they will be excellent!
One more thing funny is about their slang, they say “oh my god” ended up sound like “oh my gut”
And through out, actually i can only understand 50% of what they are talking, cos sometimes i cant hear what they are saying, sometimes i cant catch what they are saying.
This also prove that i need to improve my listening skill.
Story wise, its also very good, as it was from Romeo and Juliet,but they just able to make it interesting by adding in things that are…… special and interesting!

Some complaints are, the lightning, no i mean stage lightning is not that good, but this can blame actually cos i used to Genting Showroom’s stage lightning which is too good, in the Magic Mirror Musical! LOL, too high expectation…
The sound system also ok ok only, since they dont have those call what mic ah, attached at their shirt one on every actor. So some may solely depends on the mic in front of the stage.
But the good things are even with only that, most of the time we are still able to hear what they are talking. Maybe they were shouting loudly enough!
And sometimes the break between one scene with the other is too long…. Maybe they should get more people helping to set the stage up and reduce the waiting time.

The traditional drum are the perfect match for the guitar and some parts keyboard.
It creates good enough “feel” for the whole show!
The “musical” side, in face it BGM is very well done!
Love it!

The audiences were also BEST! Most of the time we clapped at the best we could because the show was too well done! And some every whistle very hard for the team!
Some of the time the audiences that are creating the “good” environment for the show… LOL.

Its so sad that we were informed that the 2nd show which is on saturday was cancelled due to the demonstration. Haiz… PEACE! PEACE! i should say!
Or else im thinking of watching it for the 2nd time also!

Well, this is maybe one of the advantage studying at APIIT than other colleges and of cos public U. There are students from all over the world and we can learn their culture through these programmes.
Im actually looking forward to have more this kind of show, or if possible, even making one with a team! In Chinese like the Magic Mirror Musical!
Well, i still have 3 years to go, this is just the starting point of my APIIT life, although the internet is not as good as i expected, but life must continue right!
Gonna study more.
OK, thats all. Go sleep le.



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