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O2Jam U for Android v1.23.05 – APK Download & Review

Update 1.23.05 released on 25 Sept 2012. Download Link Updated.

O2Jam U for Android

O2Jam U which I’ve talked about A LOT on the site has been released for Android.
I’ve finally got it and will be writing a short review later.

Many users cant download it from the Play Store due to regions restriction. I’ve downloaded the apk file and decided to share this. Not sure if it will work.
Please try and let me know.

Android Play Store Link
APK Download Link

BTW, I have trouble taking screenshot on my phone, i will see what I can do.



DJMax Coming to iOS (And maybe android?)

djmax on ios

FINALLY we got the news, DJMax is coming to iOS. It will be developed by Pentavision, the team behind most of the DJMax games and also TapSonic, another music game on iOS and also Android. It promises to be release by fall. So hopefully we wont need to wait long.

The teaser video is posted online, on Tap Sonic’s youtube page.

I’ve also digged up this event page:
Not sure what it is. the top is to enter 3 numbers, and below is to enter a mobile phone number. Thats all i can understand 😛

My reaction: Im really glad to see DJMax finally going mobile, as in mobile phones and not only Sony’s portable. But hey pentavision, when do you want to give me my DJMax Tune. I so want to play that game!

Source: DJMax Teaser Page, DJMax Facebook Page


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