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Kambing Soon on

Hello there! It had been a long time since I last blog. I’m going to start blogging really soon, this time with a purpose! Share interesting information.

I will start my new project inAday really soon, here is how it will be (for the time being)
I will commit myself writing ONE inAday blog post a day, 5 days a week, for at the rest of 2012.

Everyday I will share one new thing that I found interesting in my life, it can be a picture, a video, a quote, a talk, a movement, a thought, a website or anything that can be shared via this medium.
inAday blog post will be short and sweet, I wont write a 500 words blog post describing that matter, a picture, or a link, with a few words to give reader the daily dose of awesomeness.
I might also cross-post all inAday posts on tumblr, just to test it out.
Other details havent been decided yet, but will hopefully start the project sometime next month.

Other than inAday blog post, I will start to write more regular blog posts, about anything that I like. So do expect more blog posts from me soon πŸ˜€ Until then!


Fiber by P1 OH YEAH! NO FUP Quota YET.

As more and more people talking about fiber network, how good is Unifi… now we have another competitor.
Other than Maxis Fiber Service and TM Unifi, P1 Fiber is the latest competitor in this FTTH service. From what I can see, the plan is very competitive and interesting!

If Im not wrong, P1 Fiber is riding on TM’s fiber infrastructure. But what makes P1 Fiber plan outstanding is the 2 in 1 package which offer both mobile internet (Wimax or they so called 4G) and fixed line fiber internet. Although Maxis do offer something similar, but their plan has mobile internet as an add on to the fixed line package, which makes it more expensive compared to P1 Fiber.

All P1 fiber plan has 2 years contract, modems are provided (rental) for free.
And when asked them about the Fair Usage Policy for fiber plan, they replied:

FUP Quota has not yet been implemented at this point of time but P1 reserves the rights to
start implementing the FUP Quota when we felt it’s necessary to ensure fair usage among our

And about what will happened IF FUP quota is reached, they replied:

Once the quota is reached, P1 will throttle the speed to 400kbps. However, it is not being
implemented at this point of time.

Basically P1 will be covering 3 major areas, mainly Penang, Johor & Klang Valley. For more specific up to which street is covered, check here

I myself WILL BE subscribing to P1 Fiber plan (OnePlan 169). Still waiting for P1 to contact me. I am very much excited for this, hopefully will have it installed within this month. And by the time I have the service, will post some details including speedtest soon. πŸ˜€

If you have any questions or anything need clarification that you dont get from the P1 site or customer service crew, can try to leave a comment and I will ask for you πŸ˜€



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