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5 Of My Favourite Casual Games

5 Of My Favourite Casual Games

1. Tetris

I believe everyone should had already know Tetris. Its my favourite casual game of all time. I have it on my phone, my laptop, all my console and portable consoles (although i dont really like the Android Tetris gameplay). There are so many variations of the games, featuring the same addictive classic gameplay. Well, just say i never get bored with this game. And with the recent releases of the game featuring multiplayer, the game had became more challenging than ever. I find myself enjoying playing with strangers on Tetris Battle (on facebook), level up and compare scores!

2. Peggle

I didnt get know to Peggle until about few months ago, but since I knew it, I got instantly addicted to it. I got to know Peggle by playing Peggle Extreme, since its free on Steam. The game is basically aim and shoot, and clear the orange pegs on the board. Its fun, challenging and rewarding. With tons of levels with different themes, different power ups, and amazing tune (“Ode to Joy” by Beethoven) when you finish a level, it can keep you on your computer for a good moment! Oh, not forget to mention, there are challenges that are so enjoyable and keep you busy for a good while.

I get the game from Steam on PC Peggle Deluxe and Peggle Night. The game is available on almost all console and also on your iOS device. I dont think its on Android phone yet.


In HOARD, you play as a dragon, what you do is you burn castle, scare villages, kidnap princess, collect gold and many more bad ass stuff! The game is challenging and require you to think and apply some strategy to win. There are plenty of maps and modes, including co-op to play with. With the recent release of DLC, there are more modes and maps added to the game. It may sound quite complicated, but I still consider this game as casual since you can finish one game in just a few minutes, and it’s really enjoyable and rewarding after you finish each game!

Its on PC, PSP & PS3. I will recommend you get the PC version from steam.

4. Toki Tori

When come to the puzzle genres that I really like, it will be Toki Tori! Not only is it cute, funny and challenging. With over 80 levels to solve, it gives you a solid dozens hours of gameplay. Oh, it has some great graphic and great music as well!
There are no better way to get you into the game other than watch the trailer and see it for yourself.

The game is on Steam, iPhone, Android and WiiWare. Get them anywhere you like! Support indie game developers!

5. Beat Hazard Ultra

I love dual stick shooter. Especially Beat Hazard Ultra is a mix with another of my favourite genre, Music. Perfect mix. In the game you play as a spaceship. Your lasers are “powered” by the music you play in the background. You shoot spaceship and collect power up. The selling point of the game is you can put your own song into the gameplay. I would suggest that you would want techno, or dubstep to have the maximum enjoyment of the game. I got this game on my PC on Steam, but i found myself lovin the game x3 when I hook up my PS3 (or xbox) controller to the computer, and control it with the joystick. I can just play with my favourite playlist for WHOLE DAY! Super fun.
The game just got release on PS3 too! Check it out.



5 Sites To Play Games In Your Browser

Feel bored, want to pass some time within class break or tea break, or even do something in the long boring meeting… Why dont play some games, in your browser!

I like playing games in the browser simply because, they dont need to be installed into hard drive, I can play it in any OS Windows,Mac,Linux or anything with a decent browser) you just need a browser and you can play it anywhere anytime. I would like to list down 5 of my favourite sites that let you play games in your browser.


facebook games logo
This is an obvious one. I think everyone should know about Facebook Games, and how addictive or annoying that is. You can find tons of games here and games of different genres. Most of them are free to play, and offer in app payment to boost your gameplay. The fun of playing facebook games are you get to compete with your friends, and sometimes the more friends you have playing the same game, you will have more advantage in the game!facebook games list
If you havent try playing games on facebook, go to this page to see what games your friends had been playing, and maybe you can join them. There are thousands and thousands of games for you to choose for. Spend some time and find what you want. WARNING: It can be highly addictive and for those who dont have self control, there is a possibility that your life get controlled by the facebook games you play. I tried that before 😀
Among the top played games on facebook are CityVille, The Sims Social, FarmVille, Adventure World and Texas HoldEm Poker. Some of my personal favourites are Tetris Battle, Words With Friends and Bejeweled Blitz


omgpop logo
OMGPOP is a free online multiplayer game site that specializes in social games. There are more than 20 fun games that you can play with either your friends or strangers online. There are chat in the game, which is a good way to meet and make new friends on the site. The games are really cute, fun and addictive. I’ve find myself enjoy trolling in Draw My Thing, having exciting mathces of the Bomberman clone, Balloono, challenging myself in FourPlay, and many other fun games.omgpop
Most of the games are free, some of them require you to have a Star Status to play. There are power ups that can be purchased to give you a boost, but so far I find myself comfortable with all the games without paying a single cent to play those games.
The site is ad supported, I found the ads are more intrusive than the other facebook games. But nevermind, I enjoy every moment on the site, I dont find the ad on the site is causing me to leave the site.
Give it a try, if your company network blocked facebook, there is a slight chance they didnt block this site. But dont blame me when you get caught. Haha.
I need one more recruite to to get a lifetime star status. If you are so kind, please join using any of the OMGPOP link on this post, and level up to level 10, then i’ll get myself a lifetime Star status. If you dont want to sign up using the referal link, click this link instead (no referal link).

Google+ Games

Google+ is another social network, with a great game directory. Although they dont have much games on the site yet, but they are taking a “quality over quantity” approach with its games.
If you think Facebook Games are too crowded and want a fresh place to start, Google+ is for you!
Hey, alternatives is always good! Now you have another place to compare your Angry Bird high score with your friends 😀


Kongregate is an online games hosting website where you can find all kinds of flash games. There are all kinds of games you can play, compare and submit high scores and even earn achievement badges!
There are lots of gems in Kongregate waiting for you to discover, if you want a place to start, just go to their Top Rated page and try things out!


I’m not sure if the younger generation know newgrounds that much, it used to be really popular for its flash animations and games. The site had been operating for more than 16 years, therefore the flash games collection is really huge. There are lots of really good classic and unique games hosted on newgrounds. If you are willing to do some digging, there are tons of good stuff and I’m sure there will be something for everyone.

BONUS: Chrome Web Store

chrome web store games
If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, go to their Chrome Web Store Games section, you will be impressed how many games you can find there! Install them as a plugin, and you will find them in your New Tab page.

Do you play games on browser? Or what is your favorite game on Facebook or any sites i mentioned above?
Share on the comment below 😀



Hotmail Brings New Amazing Innovative Features To Users

Yesterday night I was invited by Microsoft Malaysia to attend an event where they want to talk about Hotmail, their title is: Fall in love with Hotmail again — it’s easy O’RLY? I had been a gmail “power user” for a while, and i dont think they will ever convinced me to switch back to hotmail.
But after the event, they changed my view completely! Well, its time to give Hotmail a second chance, right!?

I think many of you still remember the old days of Hotmail. 2MB mailbox storage, 1MB attachment limit, and most of the mail i got are spam, and if i dont clean them up once a few weeks, my inbox will be full. Well, those days had gone. The new era of Hotmail has come. This month, is Hotmail’s 15th anniversary, and Hotmail is rolling out new features to users now, more new amazing innovative features to all of the users.

Barrie Ooi, Head of Windows Live, Asia Pacific, Microsoft, said during his keynote, “We’ve all used Hotmail at one point in time, and we loved it for its features and simplicity. Things are a little bit more complicated today. People want more than just an email address. Users want huge storage space, seamless integration with instant messaging and contact management as well as easy access across mobile devices. With our latest Hotmail release, we are bringing all this and more to our users. Hotmail has come a long way since its humble beginnings. It is now more feature rich, more integrated and more secure than ever before. It’s the perfect time to fall in love all over again with Hotmail,”

Barrie Ooi introduced five new features that will be rolled out to users in phases starting from now, there are:

  1. Smart Newsletter Filtering which allows users to highlight and delete newsletters with a single click or unsubscribe completely.
  2. Categories and advanced folder management that allow users to choose to categorize their messages in the inbox as opposed to having to file them in separate folders.
  3. Scheduled Cleanup allows you to automatically get rid of emails of a certain age, sweeping away old newsletters and out-of-date offers. You can also now keep only the latest message from a sender.
  4. Flags done right that position your priority messages right at the top of your inbox. No more having to mark messages as unread or email them back to yourself to keep them top of mind.
  5. Instant Actions are buttons that appear when your mouse hovers over a message allowing you to delete, flag, sweep, etc. messages with one click. Users can also customize their UI by adding and removing buttons based on the tasks they use most.

From that I can see, Hotmail is not only fighting with spam,where they now did a good job, your inbox is no longer filled with spam mail by using their SmartScreen technology, to now they are fighting GreyMail! You may wonder what is greymail, from what i understand is the email that you’ve subscribed to, like newsletter or groupon deal emails (where i get like 10 of them each day) and most likely you won’t like to read them all. Sweep is a sweet function that solve that problem.

Other interesting features of hotmail that i get know from the event are:
1. Android Hotmail App… FINALLY! Its launched today and available for all android phone! (Market Link)

2. Hotmail is 10-20x faster than last year! Thats significant!
3. Keyboard shortcuts! Oh Yeah, you can use your outlook, gmail or yahoo mail keyboard shortcut in Hotmail. They’ll work!
4. Single Use Code is handy where hotmail send a single use code to your mobile phone and you will enter that code instead of a password. Not really secure in my opinion (i still prefer 2 factor authentication like GMail has), but its worth a try!
5. Virtually Unlimited Storage, its no longer 2mb inbox, but still, i think they store most of your attachments in skydrive. Attachment limit is 100mb, but if you store them in SkyDrive, it doesnt count against that.
6. Hotmail makes beautiful thumbnail when you are sending a whole album of photos.
7. IE 9 desktop notification. You can pin hotmail on your taskbar, and it will show a little red circle notifying you have unread mail 😀

Oh other than that, Microsoft is focusing more in consumer business, and I heard words that saying Microsoft might be bring XBox to Malaysia Market in the near future! (Finally OMG Cant Wait)

For more information on the new Hotmail, there are links below that you can check out:
A look on Hotmail upcoming features
Android Hotmail App
Try out Hotmail before switch
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