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#madworkshopkl2011 – Mobile App Development Workshop 2011

Organised by : Instep Learning Asia, Info Trek and Frenclub.

#madworkshopkl2011 – Mobile App Development Workshop 2011, Organised by : Instep Learning Asia, Info Trek and Frenclub.
For the first time in Malaysia, we are running a ONE day seminar focusing on Non-Native Mobile App Development.
Location: Impiana KLCC Hotel
Date: 18th October 2011
Time: 0800 – 1800hours

Hey, if you are one of the position listed below:
Programmer, Mobile App Developer, Software/App Developer, Project Manager, IT Specialist or IT Consultants,
you must read this post.


Its about mobile app developing, no matter you are interested in developing iPhone app, Android app, Windows Phone 7 app, AdobeAir app, and other mobile platform, this workshop is definitely for you.

This event is Organised by Instep Learning Asia, Info Trek and Frenclub
Details are as below:
#madworkshopkl2011 Organised by : Instep Learning Asia, Info Trek and Frenclub

About the fee, if you think you need some discount, I got a discount code for you!
Sign up with promo code Webcamp470 for a RM 110 off from the original price RM580.
Remember, #madworkshopkl2011 Mobile Apps Development Workshop for RM470. Sign up with the promo code: Webcamp470

You can find out about the #madworkshopkl2011 at their official site or their About Page



O2Jam Analog Latest APK Download Update v3.6 (2011-09-02) – now available on Android Marketplace

Download new O2Jam U for Android APK Download, CLICK HERE!

You can download O2Jam Analog officially from Android Marketplace. I will no longer update this post from now on.
You wont need to understand much korean language to play the game, details guide on registration below.

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O2Jam Analog on Android
O2Jam Analog Music Pack

O2Jam Analog APK Download


1.devices with 1Ghz CPU recommended 2.2+
3.resolution 800×480

Currently have 26 free songs available to play, require 3G or wifi connectivity all the time.

Registration Help

Registration required. When you first launch the game, you will see two buttons. Left button is Login, right button is register.
Registration page have three textbox to fill. First is email, second is username (i think), and third is password.
Login page have two textbox to fill, first is email (NOT USERNAME), and second one is password.
Both page’s button, left is back, right is OK.


Go to the option page, and click on the Download button to download all currently available songs.

Update on September 2, 2011

1. Adding new songs : Show Me The Love, Imagination (will have a new post for this new songs mp3 and also september songs update)
2. Modifying the problem which is showing game files in Gallery and MP3 player.
3. Improvement in a Frame drop
(Rebooting is required for some phones.)

Download Link

Android Marketplace Link

Song Download Links will be updated very soon 😀



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