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Music of The Week:Zeron – Invitation

Had been playing O2Jam Analog for these few days… And one song really touched my soul… thats why I wanted to introduce to you guys in this post!

Since i cant get any information about the song on the Internet, so lets go straight into the meat.
This song is nothing too complicated, its just a simple melody line being played by different instruments, mood, and methods.

Invitation – Zeron

Download Link 12

Love especially the piano intro.

Invitation II (Zeron cover) – Warak
Download Link 1 – 2

Love the Jazz & funky style and the string playing in this song.

Note that the song does not start playing right away until the 4 seconds mark. This is because its a apk rip and the blank is for the game i guess. I didnt edit the file, just post what i get from the apk rip 😀
And I hope you love this too songs too 😀
I will post up all the O2Jam Analog songs on my blog later.



O2Jam Analog Latest APK Download Update v1.8 (2011-06-24)

OK I had decided to do a weekly update for O2Jam Analog. If you dont know this game, you should read this post since i had written quite detail about it.

TL:DR version: Its a music game on Android Phone, much like Tap Tap Revenge & Tap Sonic on iOS. The game is currently in preview, only available in Korean T-Store, Its currently Free to Play but i think it will feature pay to play mechanic when the game launch officially.

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O2Jam Analog on Android
O2Jam Analog APK Download
O2Jam Analog Music – Invitation by Zeron
O2Jam Analog Music Pack (coming soon)

O2Jam Analog APK Download

1.devices with 1Ghz CPU recommended 2.2+
3.resolution 800×480
4.preview version (only 6 songs available now)

After testing, it work well on my Desire Z, which feature a 800Mhz CPU. I personally liked this game very much! So do try it out if Music Game is your type.

Update Log ((2011-06-24))
1. Added song ‘Revival on’
2. Added song ‘Witch’
3. Loading Error fixed
4. Dropout bugs fixed.

**at least now the loading bar does make some sense in this version LOL **

APK Download Link (31.86MB)

Mirror (not uploaded by me, not responsible for broken link) (For malaysian, change your dns to & in order to download from megaupload)

Enjoy 😀
If you are not able to enjoy if you doesnt have an android phone, or your phone doesnt meet the requirement, no worry, keep an eye on my blog and my next post might be just what you wanted 😀



Tom & Jerry Predicted Gmail’s Logo Back in 1942

Sometimes I wish I can predict the future, like the Director of Tom & Jerry had predicted the GMail’s logo back in 1942.

gmail logo predicted in 1942

In Episode 6 of the cartoon everyone love, Tom and Jerry titled “Puss n’ Toots“which originally aired on 1942/5/30, around 60 years ago, at the around 1 minute mark, it clearly had shown the gmail logo as in the picture. How amazing! Haha

The gmail logo can be seen at the time around 1minute 6 seconds. Link here

Thats all for the Gmail fun story.
Via –

Speaking of predicting the future, i wish i could had this power weeks ago when i bought Team Fortress 2 as its now Free To Play…
WTF!!! another 5 USD spent for nothing (other than the 30 hours of fun i had for these weeks)
OK lah, i cant blame anyone for this… If you want to play, go download it now.

And add me on Steam and we can play together!

Enjoy your weekend 😀



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