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All Your Movie Need

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This week got new movie out in cinema, but its a local movie, IMDB didnt provide enough info for me, where should i go?
Well,if you havent know, we have our very own “IMDB” in Malaysia, Cinema Online.
Im impressed on what you can get from Cinema Online, they provide you everything from local showtime, Ticketing, News, movie reviews, latest movie trailers,a forum and they also run some contests on their site!

Noticed that many of their contest do run or annouce on their facebook page, so make sure you “Like” their page and keep an eye on the page for new promo and contest, many free tickets are given out every week πŸ˜€

Speaking of free movie tickets, Hahah ( runs a campaign on a
weekly basis with Cinema Online to give away movie tickets. Do check them out!


p/s: OMG Cant believe tomorrow is march ady…. so… i hope i will do something productive over the next month lah! (And reminding myself about my course assignment)


Office & Google Docs: Google Cloud Connect Available For Public

Google Cloud Connect

Google Cloud Connect

Google Cloud Connect – Plugin for your Microsoft Office

The beta is over, now everyone can download Google Cloud Connect.
If you dont know what Google Cloud Connect is, you bring the whole Google Docs (collaboration, store in cloud, backup etc) to your Microsoft Office!
Every documents you created in MS Office, it will sync onto the Google Docs cloud, share your documents with one link.
Work with your MS Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 πŸ˜€

Video Introduction:

Download Link:

Download Google Cloud Connect now! (Unfortunately, Windows only. sorry MAC users)



Facebook & Chrome: Remove the new facebook photo viewer lightbox

If you are one of the many that get pissed off when facebook tweaked or changed something on their site, or each time they change something, like over 9000 groups came out and want them to change/revert back, but you know they never did.
So… you either need to live with it, of you read my blog post πŸ˜€

For those of you who is using Chrome as your main browser, here is a solution for you.
Steve Gilbertson did this chrome plugin which let you see no more black box or the new facebook picture frame lah.
Link: Revert Facebook Photo Viewer
Install this and say bye bye to the black frame photo viewer…..

If you are not using Chrome, im sure firefox got this kind of extension too. But i dont bother to search for you. Sorry.
But there is some work around that i had been using before this,
1. Refresh the page (F5) after the page is loaded
2. Open the photo page in new tab (Crtl + click)

Erm, not sure how much of readers still uses IE, come on…
But i got to see, IE 9 might be nice, but i havent tried it yet πŸ˜€


Photo Credit: Jan’s Tech Blog


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