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Got time to burn? Learn about Pi

Hi, holiday time 😀 Holiday mood
unfortunately for me, no CNY mood. Dont know why
Blame raining for the past two/three days loh!
Make me want to sleep for whole day.

As you had noticed already, when im at home, i blog less, i tweet less.
I spent all my time playing with PS3, browsing the web, and sometimes help up with house work.
And if you are like me, so free and got nothing better to do,
watch the video below.

Its a video teaching about Pi. The song sang up till 10,000 digits after the dot. LMAO!
BEWARE: The song is 1 hour ++ long. which serve the purpose.
And you may be gone crazy after listening for n-minutes. 😛
Good luck



Webcamp KL 26/01/2011

Just back from Webcamp KL
Its late and i need to sleep now.
I will keep this short.

Talk to so many people, inspired by and learn from them.
The topic for this time was Startups.
Some points i get from the talks and chatting around with them.

– Go work and gain experience before put your whole life into the startup. (for at least 5 years, and at most 10 years)
– Consultancy firm is the best place to work and gain experience.
– Bootstarp startup are more suitable in Malaysia.
– Try a lot and fail a lot
– its fine to kill your own baby, and kill it fast before it waste your time and money (***NOT literally***)
– Start small, dont try to boil the ocean
– Get a team (or partner) if possible
– know your niche and do it best
– the word “I THINK” shouldnt be exist
– say “i’ve done”
– get $$$ from your parents 😛
– Idea come first, technology come last.
– Idea is not dead, share it, get feedback and it will evolve.

And also some tips for my project 😀

OK i got to bath and sleep now. If you want to know more about Webcamp KL,
Search “Webcamp KL” in facebook. Its a group, join that group.
We have meeting/gathering every last wednesday of the month, location, Mindvalley KL, time? 7pm.

I can sense the webcamp KL 2011 is gonna be super awesome.



Big News Day: 26/01/2011

Today is the day for Malaysia news!
Walao, so unbelievable.
Below are the news and some of my rants of opinions on that issue itself.

Groupon, the largest deal-of-the-day website that is localized to major geographic markets in the United States and other states , is now coming to Malaysia

description extracted from wiki

They are buying group$more,i believe the largest groupon clone in Malaysia
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