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#Maxis10: HTC Desire Z – Posts So Far

This is like an index to all my HTC Desire Z posted for #Maxis10.

Maxis10: Maxis HTC Desire Z first look
First post after getting the post. Details about pricing, some hardware features, and a group photo of fellow #maxis10 reviewer for this time 😀

Maxis10: A day in the life of the HTC Desire Z
In this post, I written about how my HTC Desire Z phone go with me with my daily life. Included some of the highlight of the features of the phone and some of the very nice software I found useful in my everyday life!

Maxis10: HTC Desire Z – Type or Touch?
I had always wanted a phone with physical keyboard, and i finally get to play with HTC Desire Z which has a super nice cute keyboard. Is the keyboard useful? Do i prefer Type (on the physical qwerty keyboard) or Touch (on-screen keyboard)

Maxis10: New HTC Sense, Too good to be true?
A very important feature of the HTC Desire Z is the NEW HTC Sense UI and web service. The cake is a lie? Well, you can learn more in that post.

Maxis10: Why Android? Why not iPhone?
I know iPhone is nice, but why i think Android is nicer. To be fair, not really a comparison, but some of my opinions and that’s what i thought.

Maxis10: HTC Desire Z Battery Life
Battery life is important to me, and how this phone did. Some of the problem issued and proposed some of the feasible solutions.
If you find yourself having battery life problem, can refer to this post too!

Maxis10: HTC Desire Z Pros and Cons
In this post i focus more on Cons since i wanted to be really picky and write something “bad” about the phone, and at least make the public aware of the problem do/will exist and consider of them when making decisions. And note, there is no product in this world is perfect, and im just being picky in that post. I still love the phone anyway. I really do! Haha

Maxis10: Android Market Alternative and Apps Recommendation
New Android Market, and some Alternative of Android Market. Followed with some of the Apps Recommendation.

Maxis10: Android Games Recommendation
Games Recommendation for Android.

To read all of my #maxis10 posts, you can click on this link.
#Maxis10 is a very good program and i like this program because it gave me the opportunity to try the latest model of the phone and maybe own those products too! I enjoy playing with new products and writing reviews about them. I hope i will own the HTC Desire Z phone. And also i hope i will get chosen again for #maxis10 to try out more awesome new technology in the future.

There are parts of the phone which I didn’t cover in my review, so i suggest you check out these post below written by the other #maxis10 reviewer of the phone.
The obvious part which i didn’t talk about is the camera of the phone. You can check out how the phone perform in taking 5mp photo and shooting 720p video.

Maxis 10 – HTC Desire Z Camera & Video Function for Japanese Restaurant Nagomi Food Review
Jason Ong is a photo blogger which i think i did the right think to leave the camera review to him. He took some great pictures and make me hungry, and also explain how the camera of HTC Desire Z perform.

HTC Desire Z, HD Video & iMovie
Jaco Swanepoel explain how did the HTC Desire Z camera perform while shooting 720p video. Sample video also included so you can check out the quality yourself.

Another feature which i didnt touch about is the All In One Mailbox. Which is a sweet feature of the phone. But for me i didnt make use of the feature since i only uses one email inbox as my primary inbox, those other inbox-es are full with spam and unwanted email. Haha

All in One Mailbox – #Maxis10 – HTC Desire Z
Read Muhd Tarmizi write about the All In One Mailbox feature in malay.

Did i missed anything? I hope not.

I really enjoyed the #Maxis10 reviewers Program experienced. I had always wanted to be tech journalist, and maybe #maxis10 is a start for me to do that! Thanks Maxis again for providing this opportunity to do so. (Pssss. maxis ah, will i get a chance to be part of the maxis10 again in the future ah? Im so looking forward for that :D)

To join #maxis10 reviewer program, check out their facebook app, or their facebook page
To learn more about Maxis’s latest products, go to their website at

And this post ended my journey to review Maxis HTC Desire Z. Now what i will do is sit here playing with my phone and hopefully maxis will tell me that i can keep the phone instead of returning it 😀 (And then i got a free phone wakaka).

Happy New Year everyone!



#Maxis10: Android Games Recommendation

Gaming on Android phone (HTC Desire Z which is the phone im using) is so fun. You can poke the screen poke poke poke and never get bored.
And here i listed down some of the games i liked very much and you should definately check them out.

Check out my last post on Apps Recommendation and some guide on how to get apps to your phone other than using Android Market.

First on my list is definately Angry Bird

The more i play Angry Bird, the more i become Angry Joshua. Because of my poor skill, and im stucked in a particular level for years. Then i became angry, Then i went to and see how to solve it.

Fruit Ninja is the second game i cannot get enough with.

Slash slash slash fruits make my day!

Jump Jump Jump all the way to the UFO!?!

Gem Miner
Challenging yet fun game. Dig Dig Dig and find some gold!

So cute that i want to protect her.

A classic RPG game that you will get addicted with!

Paper Toss
You got nothing better to do other than trying to throw rubbish into the rubbish bin

Slice It
Slice till your brain melt.

And finally
Some Guitar Hero while waiting for Tap Tap to come to Android

What game you play on your android phone? Share it with me in the comment below.



#Maxis10: Android Market Alternative and Apps Recommendation

Updated (2/1/2011) with more android market alternative.

Thanks #Maxis10 reviewers programme, giving me HTC Desire Z to review for 2 weeks, and its my first time using Android OS.
Android OS is fun. There are (almost) endless possibilities while you can have many apps in your phone.
While Android Market is (almost) full of rubbish, let me point out something really great that you can get for your phone.

Note that in Malaysia we can’t really buy apps here due to restriction of Android Market, this doesn’t stop me from getting access to Paid Apps on my phone. Maybe its a bit in the grey area here, but i will happily pay for the app if I can do that in Malaysia, but in fact, I still can’t do that. Sorry.

Android Market Alternative

DISCLAIMER: Section below may contain ways that you can get access to content without paying, which is consider stealing. The reason im showing this is for testing, educating and demonstration purpose. Again, its illegal. I do NOT endorse and recommend any of the ways of getting your apps to your phone mentioned below.
If you want to use the method below, use at your own risk and I will NOT be responsible for anything including your phone might have the risk of exploding into million pieces and you will die.

There are some apps for dont know what reasons i cannot find in the Google Android Market on my phone, although i know its out there. (eg, Google Reader, and YouTube app)
I hate when this happened and i got no other way to search for the latest apk to install. But its still a pain in the ass.
There is one website i found is super useful. It provide you with the latest apk to download and you can even use the QR code to straight away download it to your phone.
♥ Android Freeware
Although the repo is not very complete. But its good enough for me as a replacement.

There are several ways you can get access to paid apps without actually paying. Well, if you want to do so, you can give one hundred reasons to do so right!
I found one alternative apps store which is quite useful. Applanet. Its like the alternative android market but with more rubbish and cracked apps. Everything is quite simple, you just install just like you would do in Android Market. But the thing is not all apps are updated, and sometimes the server is so slow or simply don’t work.

The other method is getting it from some forum out there. It’s quite random but i found Black Droid is quite useful. Maybe you can get what you want there!

Sometimes, things just don’t want to show up in Android Market. One of the really good example is Google Reader (by Google Inc) — free apps. I have no idea why i cant find it in my Android Market although i know its out there. I’m forced to get from other app repo out there. The good thing is there are plenty of those android app repo out there. Just did some Google Search and you will get it.
I got no favorite android app repo till now, but will update this post if i happened to found one.

Sometimes you just don’t know what android apps are the best for you, and Android Market doesn’t suggest you with good stuff. Try AppBrain Android Market. Its super useful but the thing is, it still link back you to Android Market to get the download. If you see the page when you click install, there is a Fast Web Install feature. But mind you that doesn’t work anymore on the new Android Market which is installed on HTC Desire Z when i got it. So… alternative repo, or Applanet. That’s the use for it.

Some Apps that you MUST TRY!

If you are not satisfied with the default browser, why don’t try Dolphin Browser HD?

Barcode Scanner is the app that EVERY ANDROID PHONE MUST HAVE!!!

Android Power Widget is useful, but it will be even better if you can customize your own power widget. Use Widgetsoid to do so.

WhatsApp Messenger, forget about SMS, use WhatsApp

Share More – I use this to save url to Instapaper, which is a read later service.

PicPlz, Android alternative for Instagram! Cool!

TweetDeck for Android, my solution to Twitter + Facebook

WordPress for Android, whats so cool about this app is the comment notification system. Perfect if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform. Composing new post on that app is as simple as ABC!

SwiftKey Keyboard, learn what you type and predict what you want to type. Save your time. Work super well with HTC Desire Z physical keyboard.

Dropbox for Android, i just throw anything into my dropbox, and i can get it on my phone! Magical! 😀

3G Watchdog keep your 3G data usage all monitored, notify you when your monthly quota is full.

Evernote, write note anywhere and access it anywhere. (My new favorite cloud based app)

Cool apps to check out

I don’t really use it everyday, but it just simply fun and cool to have in your phone!

Bump, anyone using bump? Bump me when you see me 🙂

Google Goggles, what more can i say, simply amazing and magical.

SoundHound, listen to your music and tell you the name of it (and more details)
Even my brother sing also can 😀

gStrings (Guitar tuner), but who need that when you have a perfect pitch brother?

Wolfram Alpha, a paid app that simply will blown you away.

For Christian, two bibles app i would recommend.

And not to forget my favourite tech site, Engadget

You can read my post: Maxis10: A day in the life of the HTC Desire Z to learn more about what apps are useful and I didn’t cover it here.

What application you find it useful, please share in the comment!

And recommendation of Games will come right after this post!



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