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歌曲介绍: 農夫 FAMA – 偉大航道& 我要打多支

Sorry, lately got no time to write post here. Because i had to write posts on the other blog: v2
Well, im quite satisfied with the pageview everyday there, is now reaching 20k pageview everyday 😀 v2 stat

Well, i listened to this two songs very frequently lately, very meaningful especially C君 偉大航道,
if you read my blog for quite some time, you knew i love fama’s song very very much, but unfortunately their album is very hard to get in Malaysia, well, i saw their last album the cd shop once, but i dont buy it,cos that time i dont have cash. Well, now i find it quite hard to find already…

Im super looking forward to their next album!

C君 偉大航道

6wing 我要打多支

p/s: Wanted to blog about DJ Max Portable 3. but see if i got time to do so… need to take care of the other blog, and need to do my assignment…. 😀

pp/s: If you know me in person, if you trusted me, and you got an extra smartphone can borrow (for a month or two), please borrow me. My life with no twitter/foursquare everywhere is not fun at all, and i need to wait till next year to buy another hand phone. since mine got robbed last saturday 🙁 .



16/10/2010 5.20PM

Im robbed by two malay kids, riding skuter.
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How? Im walking to the LRT station nearby, they stop by and seems want to ask for direction (which is really impossible), and one of them just put his hand inside his t-shirt and call me to give him my phone and money.
And just happened im listening to my iPod, they took that also 🙁
And judging by how they speak, they only know the word “mao mati” only. LOL

They took: My Nokia N82, iPod, and less than Rm100 cash.
No physical damage.
Im fine, Thanks God im super fine. Less than RM2k lost in total.

Lesson learnt:
Dont entertain if anyone (esp in motorcycle / skuter stop by and ask for road direction)
Dont think they wont dare to rob you even if there is sun on the top of your head.
Dont walk alone (but im alone most of the time)
Dont think you are fat enough you wont be their target
Dont let your kids play GTA 😛

what more? i dont know. Im tired now, good night 🙂
I just want to write this post since this blog do sometimes serve as my dairy.

And by the way, no foursquare check in, no twitpic, no tweet here tweet there tweet anywhere….



DJ Max Portable 3 Demo Video Preview

If you read my demo download post, and you say DAMN i dont have a PSP with OFW or i dont have a korean PSN account and the KSSN thing freaked me out, then here is a place you need to look out.

I found this youtube channel xMayBx which did a very good demo walkthrough along with some useful information there.

DJ Max Portable 3 (Demo) – Features Preview

DJ Max Portable 3 (Demo) – Hanz Up 4T NM

DJ Max Portable 3 (Demo) – Hanz Up 4.2T TS

DJ Max Portable 3 (Demo) – Hanz Up 4.2T SS

Super awesome. Check out the song’s MV and parody too here. Its called Hanz Up!


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