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Things I Did On My 21th Birthday!

Merdeka! And its my birthday!
Im 21 years old now.
Anyway, im always young, since most of the people say I still act like 3 years old child. 😛
What to do!?

What i did today?
I check you guys’ wishes on twitter, facebook and SMS.
Thanks a lot. Im so touched.

Then i sleep a lot. I almost spent half my day in the bed. LMAO
Holiday what!

I played some PS3 with my bro, but not for long.
What i spent my time the most doing (except for sleeping of course) is setting up my new blog.
So why dont you go and check out my new blog:
Cool & Easy Tips

This is my first try doing niche blog (and hopefully can earn a bit)
Will add more content there too!
But no worry, i will still update this blog.

Thats all i did on my birthday! I successfully get a new blog working and online. Yeah!
If you havent wish me yet, better hurry LMAO!
Although no cake, no go celebrate like crazy, i still enjoy my birthday a lot!
<3 joshuatly2010


DJ MAX Portable 3 Release Date

New piece of news today about DJ Max Portable 3.
If you havent know whats this about, read my last post regarding DJMP3.
I tweeted it, and you may had not read it anywhere else… (since its breaking, news i get from a china website).
*Follow me at @joshuatly for more info 🙂 *

Play-asia break the news (Link to the web page)

Yes you read it right! It will be release on October 2010!
Wait no more 🙂

There will be three edition of the game. Normal edition will consist of Game Only while other two will have other goodies (which had not been specify yet)
Available on UMD and PSN.
50 new songs.

OK Thats all! More DJ Max Portable 3 posts while i get the news. Lets wait and enjoy your previous DJ Max Portable first. (Im now playing Black Square, but seriously, im not good at it :P)



100 Ways To Love A Cat

Hey, feel boring? Want some LOLs?
Here i present you…
100 ways to love a cat…

When you finish watching this video, congratulation, you had spent 30 minutes on 100 ways to love a cat….
100 loving ways……
Way 101…
always visit my blog.
100 loving ways

Have a great weekend.



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