2010 & 2011

Hey guys, Happy New Year!
I wanted to write a post to sum up my 2010, but…
As usual, im lazy.
To sum up 2010, its a pretty fluffy year for me.
Time flies and seems like 2010 is too short.

I hope and know it will be a super awesome year.
Hopefully the uni work wont be so heavy, and hopefully i can do something awesome this year.

And there will be a complete revamp of my blog, hopefully will give a “reborn” for my blog.
I will do the rebuilding things this month. So starting from next week onwards, my blog may not be accessible 24-7.
There might be minor (or a 2-4 hours straight) downtime since i will need to test out the code live here and see what happened. And i dont want to give it away so early. Want to give a SURPRISE to you guys 😀
So if you will a maintenance message. Chillex. Check back later and you will be able to access the blog again. Because i dont want bits and bytes falling from my blog to your head or eye and hurt you.

Im doing some housekeeping and got really tired this week. So please excuse me for the short post and let me go have some fun now can?!?


Happy 2011

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