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Yea, New Moon is in the cinema! And at first i get a pair of premier ticket from Nuffnang (again hahaha) but since they held it in The Curve KL, its too far for me… and its kind of not worth for time and spend the taxi fair for the travelling to watch such a gay fag sucks movie LOL (ACCORDING TO EVERYONE’s REVIEW)
So the pair of ticket went to the next lucky blogger 🙂

Although i cant go see the premier, i wont go to see in the cinema, even the dvdrip came out, i will just download (for my mom probably) and put it aside!

New Moon just went crazy… on the internet, every news feed i read mentioned about it… YOUTUBE i subscribed flood with new moon’s comment (which most of them says its sucks)
Twitter refer #newmoon everywhere…
Haiz….. cant get rid of it…
So i watch it (the youtube review i mean, i wont waste my time to watch the movie pretty obvious)

Watch this review. It LMAO! And pretty cool and well done interview!

And of cos the Movie Buzz


I got nothing else to say about new moon, im sure there are quite a bunch of you guys gals which likes this movie i think… So leave your comment say why this movie is that great… LMAO! Dont repeat those answers in the review! Wakaka

Dont kill me, twilight fans. OMG!



Update Ninja Assasin Project 500

So, no time to do a long post. just some short updates for those who doesnt follow me on twitter yet.

  • Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Ninja Assassin

Thanks nuffnang for the premier ticket! Rain is so leng zai!
And thanks for having in MidValley, cos usu having in those place near the curve make me cant make it since too far away d.

Conclusion of the movie, the storyline is interesting and pack with actions, and blood scene everywhere…
But this is not that type of movie i like that much, but its a quite enjoyable movie!
Rating 7/10

  • Back home late….

For these days i had been going out a lot….
Sunday, went out at 4pm back at 9pm. Go to church and midvalley makan makan
Monday went out at 3pm to BBJ have my HSSN test (which is horrible) and then straight away go to PGRM for Pastor Steven Tong’s talk then till almost 12.30pm only reach home.
Tuesday, went out at 4pm to BBJ have my MATHS test (which is not that horrible but i dunno my answer correct or not ><) then go to nuffnang screening, then back at also about 12pm.
Wed, erm, will go to class at 8am then back only by 7pm… swt
Sleep sleep sleep never get enough!
Assignment never will finish!

  • Going back hometown d!

Cant wait for this thus/fri that i can go back home and enjoy my study week….
eh… wait ah… study week not for me to study de meh? Why enjoy!?!
Cos i never study mah!

  • 500 project

Im choosen to this dunno what secret project 500!
Prove that i facebook and twitter too much huh!
And they will be having a gathering this sunday…. and private screening of the worse movie than ever new moon (dunno what the hack make it so famous and most of the girls go for it! LOL)
But too bad i had to go back home town d and cannot attend the gathering!
Still looking forward to the coming events

So thats all for this time’s update!
Follow my twitter lah!
I have assignment to do.
Bye and see ya!




22-11-2009 2-30-08 AM

This is a thing that unlike anything you had ever seen (probably), ever heard of…
And ever found it on the web!

Check this site out:

Generally, its a whole bunch of video, that you can play it at any order, start at any time, then you will get some sort like a great music!
You gotta check this out. You wont want to miss this!
Im pretty sure it will amaze you and for that reason i blogged about it, not just simply tweet about it!

Check it out.
(Had been too many posts is it)
See ya!



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