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10 Things You (Probably) Didnt Know About Joshuatly

Dunno for what reason i came across this idea to write this blog post.
Anyway its interesting right?
So,10 Things You (Probably) Didnt Know About Joshuatly…


1. When i listen to a song (usu CPOP), i listen to the lyric more than the music. But my brother is just the opposite!

2. I download many many things, (Music, TV Shows, Movies, Apps, Games) but i hardly got the mood to watch, listen, or play, even though im shouting “IM BORING, IM SUPER BORING”, just not in the mood! Sometimes im also wondering whats the point download and collecting them… Hehehe

3. I wish im rich enough to buy all the gadgets i wanted and interested! (iPod, DSLR, iPhone, Blackberry, intel i7, iMac, MacBook, PS3, xBox, Android phone, and and and… if i want to list out all, probably will take me whole night to do that)

4. I wish i can be a become a producer of musics, or movies.

5. On the other hand, i wish someday i can become a philosopher, or a linguist, or someone who stand on the stage to do a talk show (in Chinese or Cantonese)

6. I used to had a few nightmare repeat and repeat every night i sleep when im still young (primary school). Its so scary that till now i still feel uncomfortable if u had the dream again now (experience once and i hope is the only once in this year)

7. Its more than one time im thinking of commit suicide, but thinking of God is love, i know its not wise at all to do that.

8. I wish one day i can become a famous blogger, still working hard to reach that goal! LOL

9. On the day twitter “freezes” for hour, i have thought that im the only one who alive on the internet. LOL

10. Currently my mind and soul and physically are mark as “available”. Not occupied by any girls. Kekeke. No more 暗恋 stuff! Is this a good or bad thing? I got no idea!?!?

So whats your thought after reading this?
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Busy Week

This week will be a busy week for me. So expecting less blog post (or no blog post at all…) excuse me…
So do follow my twitter cos it take 2 sec for me to tweet but at least 5 min to write a proper blog post.
As some of you all are already noticed that my last blog post is the Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-19
I did that post using Twitter Tools plugin on wordpress!
Every week (monday morning), it will be a auto generated blog post summarize all tweets i posted in last week. recently i have around 5~6 tweets per day… hehe check it out.
Do follow my twitter if u like.

OK, why so busy?
Java assignment + test
Visual basic Assignment
(probably HSSN test coming soon)
and on the coming sat and sun (if u interested, please register now. the fee is still cheap!)

may many things to do, too too lazy to work harder (which i hate myself the most for being lazy)
Hope i can work harder on these serious stuff, no more too much facebooking, twiitering, and plantsvszombiesing…

OK, signing off. (having my VB class now)



Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-19

  • Oh no, lappy so lag. Tweet from phone. Lol #
  • RT 有道理 @freesisx: 有钱的女人买包包,化妆品,首饰,叫贵妇;有钱的男人买手机,电脑,单反,叫GEEK。 #
  • RT @fossmy: RT @yoonkit: The #fossmy fedora BoF! @sniiffit @harishpillay what r your thoughts on this #
  • Happy Deepavalli to everyone! Enjoy your meruku, andjoy your holiday! #
  • listen to Samsons’s Kenangan Terindah for more than 10 times in a roll just now. still like it so much! #
  • RT Walau! so many to choose! @fossmy: #fossmy has gone triple track: http:/ #
  • psp cfw 5.50 gen-c coming soon… looking forward to it #
  • Die lo. 2 days d Till now also havenv study or do anything related to my study. Haiz. Sleep 1st. Think later. #
  • Eat what tonight? Instant mee ftw. #
  • Heavy rain in bentong. It good if you stay in house, but its bad for my dad who are still working. #
  • @prasys so cute! in reply to prasys #
  • no lah. not ngam with my pc. LOL, dont have mac. #
  • aiyoyo, my laptop dont have Intel® Virtualization Technology, cannot use Windows XP mode. so sad lah! WHY WHY WHY! (cos no money loh) #
  • @rebelk0de no woh! whats that? in reply to rebelk0de #
  • says : WHAT? and no content! LOL #
  • just finish my mum’s fried bee hun! Its super great! Haha. like it! thanks a lot! #
  • RT @rebelk0de: RT @fossmy T minus 6 days. Don’t miss #fossmy 2009! #
  • why rlslog keep asking me “WHAT?” when i surf the blog? #
  • finish listening to Engadget Podcast 167. Looking forward to their show on the Windows 7 launch day #
  • i think im gonna sleep early today. so sleepy. VB later. #
  • Yeah, gonna try out twitter tools on wordpress to generate my weekly tweets post. #
  • On d way going back to kl. Its another meaningful weekend. Today church cermon is interesting. This coming week will be a busy week #

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