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Hey guys… too busy these days….
Go down KL on yesterday, come back bentong.
Go down KL on today, come back again…
TOMORROW going down KL AGAIN….
with friends…. go watch terminator…

So please maafkan saya i dont have much time to blog…
So when i checked my mail today, i get something interesting, so i posted up here.
Hope can keep you all entertained.


8、拍别人左边 站在别人右边
17、下雨的时候,拿起伞故意往雨大的地方走去 听雨啪啪的声音 感觉很爽




Movie Review: Coraline

Days ago, i watched the movie Coraline that i downloaded from the web (DVDRip) which Malaysia’s screening havent started yet (In august i think)…
I wanted to go to the cinema to watch but it make me wait too tooooooo long… So i will prefer DVDRip.
But after watching the movie, i still wanted to go to cinema to watch! In Real3D!!! It will be pretty exciting.

If you still have no idea what is this movie about, you can watch the trailer:

And read my blog post below. (No spoiler… i think…. wakaka)
This movie had score a very high mark in IMDB rating, (8.1/10 11,486 votes) which shows this movie is really really interesting!
1stly, this is not a normal movie…
This is what we called stop motion animated movie… in other words, how they film the movie? Is by taking picture one frame by one frame…
Everything is puppet and setting. They make a tiny move of the puppet, then take picture… then move, then take a picture…
Using all those pictures, join them to make a movie!
Interesting right!

The whole movie is one hour and forty minutes long, this is the longest stop-motion movie up to now!
Plus it was the first stop-motion animated feature to be shot entirely in 3-D!
Thats why i say i wanna watch in 3D (although i watched the movie)

The making of this movie lasted over 18 months, following 2 years of pre-production
And the storyline is pretty interesting!
It seems like a movie for child, but it is NOT~
As you can see in the trailer, is was a little bit scary… So if you bring your child or younger brother to watch this, they might have a nightmare after watching it… But they will enjoy the movie throughout!

The storyline is well written and is not that a child can fully understand the meaning behind it.
It is basically about family and friends.
This is a very meaningful movie and worth to watch it in cinema.

So JOM~ This august… Lets watch it in 3D!


Something else out of the topic…
Too bad, i will be missing my Terminator…
Actually i was planning to watch Terminator tomorrow…
But becoz i have no money, i have no time, then no watch…
Sad… :sob: :sob:
Maybe go down Wed to watch it if go with KC and my bro…



Beware bloggers, Beware facebookers…. Beware of McD

So, do you know what happended recently?
On the internet?
Yo~ Everyone in Malaysia (or bloggers) is grabbing ONE iPhone by blogging about McValue Lunch!

And everyone on facebook is grabbing ONE iPhone every week by participating the contest…
Do you aware that McD did something very bad to all contestant of blogger?
They leak out their private information!

You can read more at the urls below:
Why McD so Stingy, only 1 iPhone chase by so many blogger

Although i know this contest is going to end very soon, but be aware this case wont happened once… For other similar contest by other company, beware of how their organize and their Terms and Agreement…..
Dont look at the iPhone and WOW… like gila iPhone liao…

Ya, i gila iPhone too… but i didnt take part in this cos i dont like it..
Ya, i like to eat McD but i took the photo but didnt blog about it… cos i dont like what they are doing!

Nothing much lah. Just to raise some awareness to all bloggers, and everyone using the internet…
Internet may have a lot of freebies around but do look clearly before take part.
If not you wont win BUT lose everything….



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