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Earth Hour

earth hour

Hey, last saturday was earth hour. So what had you did?
I asked about some of my friends, some of them were doing BBQ.. =.= pencemaran udara… make the earth worse.
Some of them say off all lights and turn on TV and AirCond enjoying TV Program… =.= waste electricity too.
Dunno lah. Many of them say turn off lights only. But i think the main purpose is raise awareness to save energy.

So what did i do during that 60 minutes?
I… turn off my PC, turn off everything…
At first i planned to go around the town and see how many of them participate in this program, but since my parents back late, so plan A failed. Plan B.
Wow Fun!

Long time didnt play with candles already, since recently no blackout. So no play with candles.
So i sit at the black with my candles around me. Enjoy the “romantic” environment myself… No girlfriend. lol

In my area, only about 5% of them switch their lights off. Haiz…. Malaysia still dont have awareness enough…
Browsing pictures at other country. Before and after. Big difference. but not in Malaysia.

Hm… This is the last post in March this year. So say bye bye to march and hi hi to april.
So fast, april already.
Good news is im going to work tomorrow! Again i work as hand phone promoter. Last time for Celcom, this time for Maxis. But personally i still prefer DiGi very much…
Dont care so much, what i want is only money money money.

And dont forget that tomorrow is……
1st of April…
A big day to fool around….

I still havent thinked about how to fool my friends around…. Any ideas?
What brilliant idea Google will be coming out with this year? Every year Google treat us very good during April Fool. Still remember few years ago, we got a free broadband that can be connected with the toilet bowl. And cant forget that year google bring us GMail during april fool….

Lets wait and see!



OFF YOUR LIGHT LAH!!! Computer Also!

So… just finish watching “Ememgency Unit” 学警狙击…
Wow. Laughing is BACK.YOYOYO!

So, still one more hour 8.30.
Whats the time now?
If you are reading this, and is before 8.30pm of saturday, its a reminder that you turn off your light, fans, computer, etc that consume electricity. Give our earth one hour.

IF you are reading this, and its between 8.30 ~ 9.30 saturday, PLEASE LAH! OFF YOUR PC RIGHT NOW!
Dont bother to shut down, just off the main switch. Remember, give our earth 1 hour…. 1 hour only!

If you are reading it and the campaign is over, just check around your house, turn off your TV if nobody watching it, turn off FAN if no one around, turn off light if it is bright.
We should always love our earth. Not only @ Earth hour.

Hoping for a brighter future for our child.

Im joining the program. What you plan to do @ that hour?
OR what you did on the hour? Still turning your light on? Hehe…
So mind to share it with me?


Win Money Money….

I supposed to blog this long time ago, since these days dunno why i got no mood to blog, then i dont do it.
Remember before this i wrote about SurfLoft? (Link to the post)

They got a Lucky Draw contest!
And im LUCKY ENOUGH to win RM300 CASH!

Actually when im joining this forum im not thinking of winning, just to try my luck.
And im thinking also… hm… dunno will get the money or not…
But after looking around at the advertising page, knowing it is a registered company, then i have more confident with them…

On 13 March, the result of the contest came out!
I went to check early in the morning, actually is just normal surfing and came to it accidentally.

Then later the person in charge msn me to ask for bank in info and stuff.
WOW! They really banking in the money for me!
RM300… very very happy.

After quite some while, i checked my maybank2u, YO i get RM300 extra in my account!

So how to use the money?
I go to garage sales, then i get one guy selling Prison Break Original Region 2 DVD Season 1 and Season 2 boxset.
Im able to nego the price till RM140 total.
Although it is 2nd hand, but it is always better than pirated.

So thanks a lot to surfloft.
I checked other two lucky winner. One of them never posted one single post in the forum also can win…
Wah, the guy damn lucky.

Anyway, i love to have the money…..

And, Lee Hom is coming to Malaysia for concert. I want to go and watch, but no money liao… the money get from surfloft already all used up…
So hoping someone can sponsor the ticket for me…
Or i can win it from somewhere else like MyFM probably…
but i dont listen to My FM very frequently. and very lazy to call…..
Anyone want to go with me and sponsor me the ticket fair?

Fans of Lee Hom so much.



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