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SurfLoft~ One more place to lepak on the net!

Haha, these days i had been quite active in one new forum (or website i should say)…

This is a new tech forum/website.
The main page ( news section) providing some interesting tech news that worth to read!

And going to the SOS page, which is a very good place where you got question to ask.
Some members will try their best to answer your question… but sometimes question that requires expert knowledge still remain un-answered due to not all of us are good in everything…
But this situation will be getting less and less as more and more people join this forum and join the SOS zone~

Then, the discussion zone.
In the discussion area, we talk about anything, everything…
Relevant and irrelevant…
Tech, entertainment, games, auto, sports, etc etc.
You start the topic, we join the chatting!

Quite fun joining this forum, i have a lot of fun chatting here and there~!
So why dont you join now?
They are also having a contest right now, its a LUCKY DRAW contest!
That means you join the forum at the last day you may also win the price.
The price is CASH~~~~~
There are RM1100 to be given out to 3 lucky forumers!

And you can also blog about it and get more chance of winning!
Thats why i blogged about it!

The contest ends @ 11 March.
So fast fast join the forum and start to chatting non stop!



Life in Genting

Ok, last post is about Working in Genting, and now is about Life working in genting…
So i spend almost half months of the end of year 2008 on genting.
Its the most boring life i had ever been.

Not all of us have work to do everyday, we are like rotating. So, the day we dont work, we stay in the hostel or just simply walking around…..
How boring is the life like this…
What we can do is, sleep and sleep and sleep.
We dare not to eat much since we dont earn a lot up there and the food there are quite expensive even foods in the RC, so sleep is the best option.

The second time we go up i bring my PSP along, so most of my free time i will be playing with my PSP.
I watched 12 episodes of Terminator Sarah Connor The Chronicles in 12 hours, non stop… this is the highest record of watching tv series or watching videos on PSP.
I think i barely have chance to break the record…

Of cos not everyday of my life up there are boring, is just most of the time.
So why dont we just forget about the boring time and remember some fun time?!?

And the 1st fun thing is i have my 1st experience washing my clothes using coin operated machines…

WoHoo… Shok! Although inside is super hot…
So i need to collect those 20 cents so that i can dry my shirt… 20 cents for 5 minute.
So basically i can spend more than one hour washing, and drying my clothes…
Haha. Quite fun doing so!

Then not to forget we go ride SKYWAY!

Since we are holding employee’s id, riding skyway is FREE!
Wonderful! I went to ride with my brother once and its quite enjoying…

1st super big BR ice cream in Genting…
31th of December…
my brother and i wake up early, and this is the 1st time we are having ICE CREAM for BREAKFAST!
Super crazy is it!

Since BR have 31% discount, why dont BR!?!

Other than that, im very lucky that we have a very good ah head.
He is a very nice person!
And sometimes after work, we do some crazy things together, like:

Walking around the whole genting…

Story Telling… etc etc…

And on 31th of dec, after Leo Ku Concert, we headed to London Square together and doing some crazy things there…
We shout, play, sing, throw each other into the air, countdown, etc, and we enjoy very much at that time.
This is the craziest countdown to new year i have ever take part in…
Too bad im not able to snap any photo cos no camera with me.

haha. quite fun to work with good boss!

If you want to read more about my brother and me working in genting, you can go to my brother’s blog:

Ok, thats all for today…



Big News… Small News.. Tech News… Interesting News…

Haha, not so many news lah.
Just to share two interesting tech news here.

Nuffnang Turns Two~!
Happy birthday to you… 
Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to Nuffnang… 
Happy birthday to you!!!!! 

Wow~ So make a wish nuffnang…..

Probably our boss want to make more and more MONEY….

(read their official post)

So since nuffnang is getting establish  and growing super fast, i hope nuffnang will getting better in the ways below:

  • Let blogger earn MORE!~ Of cos! Boss Tim and Ming want money, blogger also want money! So share out more money with us… Haha
  • LOADING Problem NEED to be solved. So nuffnang, its time you get your own company a server, in some reliable data center. No more renting hosting service from some sucks company!
  • More contest, More activity! More blogger, More fun!~
  • Make your advertising scheme cheaper lah… I had asked from them before, if you are a small company, im very sure you are NOT afforable for internet advertising @ nuffnang. So revice your plan, give some space to small company by lowering the advertising price…
  • And… No more… Haha…
  • Ah, before i forget, The party, you promised… im very looking forward to it… I dont want to miss the party again! 

Till now except the loading time, im very happy with nuffnang. 
Happy Birthday!

2nd news
PSP 2 Coming out? Ya 

So, its confirm that PSP 2 is coming out very soon.
Few months ago, PSP3000 had came out and till now havent got any perfect hack method.
In the market, the hackable PSP is getting less and less…
Till a situation is ALL of the NEW PSP are un-hackable…

So, is PSP2 a GooD News to all?
Yeah Maybe!
Lets look on the features that available on PSP 2!

  • a widescreen multi-touch interface (Wow COOL~ I can forget about IPhone!)
  • dual thumbsticks  (I like it~)
  • No more UMD (Bye bye UMD, all games are downloaded from the internet) 
  • hardware improvement (of cos lah, if not i better play PS1… xD)

Cool right!
But i still love the most my pink PSP 2000…
Cos it can play those *ahem* games…

P/S; Before i end this post, do you guys watched Destroyed In Seconds by Discovery Channel?

I just downloaded the show… Wow Impressing!
And interesting!
Check it out. You tube got some clips!



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