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Windows 7 Pre-Beta Screenshot Gallery

Well, im still not feeling very well, i had been sicked starting from… monday, yes monday. and i had been sleeping for 3 days already… haiz… this make me cannot study, cannot eat, cannot go tuition, cannot watch high school musical 3… haiz……….

anyway, i got a quite interesting news to share. this is the next generation of windows, Windows 7’s screenshot.

This will be interesting! Lets have a look!
(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Actually these are part of the whole screenshot gallery only.
To view the whole album, please go here:



High School Musical 3…


I wanted to watch actually… but no money…..
Who want wo belanja me? We go and watch bersama-sama?


p/s: Really a very short update… PSP’s DJMax made me addicted recently and many many many tuition class, seminar to attempt, study some more… sleep…zzz
And then my edu site again bring me a lot of problem… Haiz… i wanna rest! 


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