1 minute update

since long time no post ady, so just spend a little bit of my time to write a short update.

Trial is around the corner, im still not prepared. So no time to write blog post. As you know, writing a post may spend me up to one / two hours!

Im planning to write about my trip to parlimen and aquaria… i think is the next post i write… probably need to wait… still quite long.


Then is Google Chrome.
Im now using Google Chrome + Firefox. So, i will write my very own review, benchmark later… (im planning to do so, but im thinking if i write this only after weeks, then maybe no point ady… haiz, still planning)

And actually got a lot of 创作集 want to share around, just no time to type.

no time no time no time…
And most of my time i used to update my edu blog and search for more information about SPM and STPM.
If you are taking SPM or STPM, or you know someone who is taking,
You may want to visit or call your friends to visit my blog:

Ok, thats all, good night!

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  1. theresa September 9, 2008 at 2:34 am #

    Great blog!

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